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The Anuvi Incident

The Anuvi Incident

Classic Science Fiction Action and Adventure. Buy it on Amazon Kindle.

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A harsh universe. Implacable alien foes. God-like ancient aliens. The struggle for survival. Hard Core Sci Fi.

Kirkus Reviews

“Readers should be eager to explore the author’s futuristic world in this impressive series opener.”


“4 out of 5 stars: Well-written sci-fi … A suspense filled, edge of your seat, thrill ride from beginning to end … Overall, a well-written sci-fi that will keep you awake to read just one more chapter.

Reader Reviews from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

“Author James Vincett has hit the ball out of the park with his debut novel.” 5 stars

“At least as good as any science fiction from a mainstream publisher.” 5 stars

“Engrossing …. I was blown away by the level of detail.” 5 stars

“The next book in the series is highly anticipated!” 5 stars

“A fun read, like Asimov, Bova, or Niven.” 4 stars

“Kept my attention the whole way through. I can’t wait for the next book! ” 5 stars

“A wild ride that I couldn’t put down until the end!” 5 stars

“Great combination of futuristic exploration and intrigue.” 4 stars

“A complex yet well rounded piece of Military Science Fiction.” 5 stars

“Very enjoyable stuff!” 5 stars


Lt. Cmdr Joshua McFinn of the Union Imperial Navy stumbles upon a conspiracy at the heart of the Fifth Fleet, a plan that will lead to war with Humanity’s most implacable and vicious enemy, the Naati, and shake the very foundations of the Union government.

At the same time, Captain William Osatari Bandele and the crew of the exploration vessel HSS Vitus Bering discover a mysterious and powerful alien artifact, hundreds of thousands of years old, in the Neutral Zone between the Hominin Union and the Naati Hegemony.

As both Humanity and the Naati race to investigate and ultimately claim the ancient alien device, the bitter enemies are driven to the very edge of total conflict.

The secrets uncovered during these events will have a profound and lasting effect on the fate of both Humanity and the Naati in the Milky Way Galaxy.


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