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The Dreaming Oceans of San Miguel

The Second Tale in the Far Frontier Series

Coming soon in 2017

Discovered by the crew of the Lalande less than a year ago, the world of San Miguel is the very expectation of paradise: a warm ocean world with a moderate-sized continent and thousands of island chains with countless islands. The Imperial Exploration Service is eager to survey the world and make it available for settlement. But the Lalande is long overdue back at Silmais Orbital, and Vice-Admiral Arinze has sent in the Solstice to find the Lalande and complete the initial survey. The mission brings back memories for Talbot and Kessler, for it was on the Lalande they served their cadet cruise over fifteen years before, and where they first fell in love. In the course of their survey and investigation, the crew of the Solstice begin suffering from strange visions, and soon Talbot, Kessler, and others are visited with the most intensive dream-memories of their entire lives. But behind the narratives of their lives revealed by these dreams looms a vast and almost infinite alien presence, which soon begins to warn of a coming event that will change the face of the planet forever.

The dream-memories allow Caroline Talbot and Cord Kessler to confront their feelings for each other, but the psychological vistas opened-up by the intense visions draw Kessler into new adventures and risks that again threaten his relationship with the only woman who can match his talent and daring.

For Emerans Van Zant, the dream-memories force him to confront his brutal and violent childhood in the ghettos and slums of Olumba, and the crimes he has committed in the service of the General Intelligence Directorate. But it is the vast alien presence behind these dreams that frightens him the most, and he is forced to take drastic action to determine what threat, if any, this presence poses to the Hominin Union.