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The Author

In an infinite universe fictional worlds are discovered, not built; characters are enlisted, not created; stories are recorded, not written.

I hike mountains, wander deserts, and scuba dive oceans. I’ve studied rocks from Quaternary landslides, Paleozoic carbonate deposits, and Mesozoic river deltas, Miocene rocks from fourteen thousand feet below Los Angeles, and Cretaceous rocks from six thousand feet below the Alberta High Plain.

I’ve worked as a 7-11 clerk; a waiter; a janitor in a department store; a pump jockey; a reference librarian at universities in Canada and the United States; an adjunct professor at a private university; a technical writer at software companies in Southern California; and a geologist on remote wellsites in California and northern Alberta.

I’ve written far more than I’ve published. Once I get it all in the right order, I will publish it.

I am more interested in villains than heroes; the villains drive the story. Roy Batty is the most interesting character from the last fifty years.

James.Vincett (at) homininunion.com

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