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Planned works for the Third Millennium setting

Planned Works

These stories have been stewing in my head for over twenty-five years. I have worked on them off and on over that time, and it seems my entire vision is now gelling into reality. These are all of the planned works (and a tentative schedule) for the Third Millennium science-fiction setting. All of these stories have been outlined to one extent or another. Those titles with hyperlinks are either complete or in process.

I’ve only just begun to set these stories down for you to read, so come along for the ride!

The Anuvi Incident (A Hominin Union Novel) – Complete.

Polar Strike: A Tale of the Great CrisisComplete.

Hope’s Surprise (The Far Frontier Series Book 1) – Complete.

The Borrega Test (The Second Hominin Union Novel) – Complete.

The Dreaming Oceans of San Miguel (The Far Frontier Series Book 2) – December 2017


The Stardancers (The Third Hominin Union Novel) – January 2018

The Hominin Union Saga (One volume containing The Anuvi Incident, The Borrega Test, and The Stardancers) – July 2018

The Snirrhunters (The Snirr Wars Volume 1) – September 2018


Seven Tales from Five Centuries

The Stars, Like Grains of Sand … (The Far Frontier Series Book 3)


Saints and Devils (The Snirr Wars Volume 2)

The Far Frontier (The Far Frontier Series Book 4)

Tales From the Far Frontier (One volume containing all four books of the Far Frontier Series)


The Crucible (The Snirr Wars Volume 3)

Roots of Empire (The Snirr Wars Volume 4)

The Snirr Wars (One volume containing all four books of the Snirr Wars)


Slalom, Inc. – (Tales from The Independencies Book 1)

Untitled – (Tales from the The Independencies Book 2)


Untitled – (Tales from the The Independencies Book 3)


The Third Millennium Science Fiction Role-Playing Setting

Future Works

Shattered Union series